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Visualize your projects to help with planning, estimations, construction schedules and permit approvals


Municipal Approvals and Building Permits

Approvals for alterations/additions to structures, Minor Variances, Zoning By-law Amendments and other planning applications

Tower Drone Inspection

Inspection of antennas, radio equipment and structure for telecommunication towers. Detailed report with video and camera footage

Oil/Gas/Pipeline Drone Inspection

Inspection of heat output and wear and tear of facility. Detailed report with video and camera footage

Data Collection and Visualization

Useful urban planning information collected and visually presented for: Traffic, Fibre Optics, Broadband Coverage, Housing, Population Growth etc.

3D Modeling and Renderings

Using building information modelling software, we visualize your projects through realistic renderings

Visual Impact Assessments

Model and assess the visual impact of proposals to the natural environment. Detailed report with photo renderings and visual GIS mapping

GIS Mapping

Map and analyze geospatial data to present buffers, constraints/overlays

Virtual Reality Simulation

Using 3D scanning, we pick up millions of object points and convert into a 3D model and overlay the data. With the use of latest technology we create a simulation that you can view in real time.



Email us PDF/CAD drawings OR sketch to If nothing, describe your proposal


We will set up a conference call or face to face meeting to discuss the deliverables


We will send a cost estimate, deliverables and ETA details. Followed by approval of  Purchase Order (P.O) 


Review your completed project!


Sher Studios is a Canadian based company in Toronto, Ontario established in 2015.              We work hard and diligently to ensure your project is portrayed in the best possible manner. Our team consists of experienced professionals in urban planning, GIS, engineering, graphic design, 3D modeling, realistic renderings, construction and architecture. We are honest, fast and very easy to work with.

Our mission is to help explain and visualize hard to understand projects in its actual context. Such as land development, alterations to homes, road widening, smart city data presentations, envisioning a master plan community, telecommunication tower/ wind turbine farm simulations. Any infrastructure project, you name it, we are up for the challenge.

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